Poem in a Box

Every Tuesday, Cullen Bailey Burns puts a new poem in the box in front of her house, and then writes an explication of it in her blog.  I’m thrilled that she has chosen the title poem from Sweet Weight for this week’s entry.  Check it out! I’m honored to be in such good company.



Still time to submit!

I’m editing a poetry anthology featuring work by lesbian/bi/trans/queer women with a connection to the Midwest.  My deadline is May 31, 2012.

Squares & Rebels, a brand-new LGBT imprint of Handtype Press, plans to bring out two poetry anthologies in the fall of 2012. Our goal is to help foster a sense of community among LGBT writers here in the Midwest as well as showcase their work to the rest of the country. Each anthology will feature only 20 writers with approximately four to five poems each.
For the full Call for Submissions, go to http://www.squaresandrebels.com/
E-mail me at hibbarka@gmail.com with your questions and submissions!

Why Sweet Weight?

It’s the title of my forthcoming book from Tiger Bark Press (June 2012).  I think about this book as a study in contrasts and contradictions. It might be somewhat ironic (am I using that term correctly? or at least better than Alanis Morrisette?) to celebrate weight as sweetness. But it IS sweetness. Once we are weightless, we cease to be.

The phrase “sweet weight” is in a poem by Anne Sexton:

Sweet weight,/in celebration of the woman I am

Anne Sexton, “In Celebration of My Uterus”

a brilliant, troubled, and did I mention brilliant poet of the 1950s-60s.  One of the original Confessional poets, Sexton wrote about women and bodies and love and god and madness at a fever pitch. I hope the poems will live up to her legacy.


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